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Our Story

Starlight Acres is family owned and operated by the Wohlberg's.  Paul and Cathy Wohlberg bought the Groff Homestead in the Summer of 1995.  Although, Paul and Cathy run the farm, you will sometimes see their children Catherine, Amanda, and Paul Jr. coming back to the farm to help keep it running smoothly during blueberry and pumpkin season.  

In 1995, Paul and Cathy sold there home in Bay Shore, New York and bought this farm in the heart of the Mohawk Valley.  Paul started farming and selling home-grown produce at the local Farmer's Markets and selling pumpkins commercially on Long Island before turning to pick your own.  The farm started pick your own with raspberries.  Shortly after raspberries began, Paul put in the blueberry bushes that many of our customers are now familiar with.  Pumpkins came back to the farm when Paul Jr. started selling pumpkins on the side during High School and they became a pick your own staple in 2014.

Due to soil being the most precious resource of the farm, our pumpkin crops are rotated annually to prevent depletion of soil nutrients. Therefore if you come in the Fall for pumpkins you'll be in a different field every year.  We are always looking for new ways to be sustainable stewards of the earth and are always trying out new and old farming methods.

We currently have 2 acres of pick your own blueberries, with different varieties to allow a longer picking season.  Our pumpkin field is continually growing and is expanding every year for pick your own. 

Hay and straw are grown on the side for year-round income. 

Thank you for picking Starlight Acres.  We can't grow without you!

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